Viking Nordic Forrest by Meduna - Feste Duschseife für den echten Mann

Viking Nordic Forest

How would you describe your VIKING NORDIC FOREST?

Woody smell, as if you were standing in the pine forest. Black clay and oatmeal that purify your skin with an incomparable peeling. Are you strong enough for this experience? Only for real Vikings.

What can the soap do now?

The VIKING NORDIC FOREST is Meduna's flagship product for men's grooming. Like our other soaps and shampoos, the VIKING NORDIC FOREST is vegan , handmade and made in Germany . Coconut oil and shea butter are used as organic ingredients .

How do I use the soap?

It is best to moisten the soap in the shower and first rub it lightly on the chest. This allows you to optimally test the pressure and increase or decrease it as you like.

What do I do if the Viking peels too much?

Don't worry, there's our sisal bag for that case. In any case, you will be able to use and enjoy the unique VIKING NORDIC FOREST.

Will it turn my shower black?

We have not observed any residues in showers with sufficient water supply. The foam can take on a corresponding color, but that's not a bad thing.

Are you planning more such fragrant soaps?

Let yourself be surprised what we will conjure up next.

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