Sisal soap pouch

Why a sisal bag?

The sisal bag is the easiest way to safely transport our soaps and shampoos. Connoisseurs of the classic know best how to use it in the shower with a bar of Meduna soap. Simply put a bar of soap in the bag and moisten it in the shower. Due to the friction on the skin, the soap now passes through the sachet and the natural surface ensures a pleasant additional peeling and cleaning effect.

What is the bag made of?

Our bags are made from the sisal agave plant, an important fiber plant. This makes it 100% natural and biodegradable.

Is it also vegan and plastic free?

That's exactly how it is.

Can I wash the bag too?

We recommend either hand washing or a gentle cycle at 30 degrees.

Does it also have a hidden benefit?

For all those who are environmentally conscious, the little bag is suitable for using up small soap residues until the end, as they are often unwieldy and tend to slip out of the way in the shower. The bag makes a small but good contribution against waste.

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