Massage-Roller rose

Massage roller rose

Why use a massage roller?

The Meduna rose quartz roller is ideal for tense skin. Put the scooter in the fridge for a few hours for optimal use. The cooling effect has a relaxing effect on the mind and body and is said to relieve tension and tighten the skin.

What effects can occur when used?

With regular use, users can get a plumper and elastic skin feeling.

Are cosmetic effects to be expected?

The roller is supposed to produce an anti-aging effect and, when used correctly, reduce swelling of the skin. By stimulating the skin, blood circulation and thus revitalization are stimulated. In this way, dark circles are a thing of the past. The lymph flow is stimulated and thus stimulates the removal of harmful substances and endogenous waste products.

How do I use the massage roller correctly?

1. First clean the face of make-up residues or other dirt.

2. Apply a facial oil or serum and spread evenly. This ensures deep care as the roller expands the pores.

3. Place the roller in the center of the face and work from the cheeks to the ears.

4. Take the back side and use the small side to gently work the eye area and mouth.

5. The forehead is again touched with the large side. From there it goes to the temples.

6. Optionally, the neck and décolleté can be processed. You have to roll from bottom to top.

7. Apply a day or night cream depending on the time of application.

8. Clean the roller with a damp cloth or under running water.

How often should I use the massage roller?

Ideally, we recommend one application per day of at least five to ten minutes .

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