Holzdocht Aromakerzen

Wooden wick aroma candles

What makes aroma candles so special?

Who doesn't love it? Lie on the sofa and relax with a warm drink and a cozy blanket. Plus our SECRETS OF SPA wooden wick aroma candles. With a pleasant and not obtrusive scent, they refine the room climate and offer a real fireplace feeling with the crackling wooden wick. Ideal for relaxing, dreaming, making love, reading, bathing and relaxing.

How long do the candles burn?

SECRETS OF SPA candles have a burning time of 40-50 hours, depending on user behavior.

Why wooden wick candles?

In contrast to a conventional wick, the wooden wick is of a very special nature: the flames are significantly larger and it crackles wonderfully. Ideal for a cozy evening in front of the candle.

How do I use the candle correctly?

The candles burn best for about two hours on the first pass. This results in a well-heated surface with no tunneling and wax residue around the edges. Our aromas unfold particularly well in this way.

Do I need to prune my candle?

For an ideal experience, the wick should be trimmed to 5mm before lighting. This is the only way to prevent the wax from being too far from the flame. On the other hand, you should also be careful that the wick is not too close to the wax, otherwise the wax will smother the flame.

Do I have to pay attention to something?

Yes, please follow the instructions on the back of the candle. Ideally, you should read these before lighting up for the first time. In general, you should keep the candle away from children during and after lighting.

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