Festes Shampoo - Handgemacht in Deutschland

Solid shampoo - handmade in Germany

Why shampoo bar?

Solid shampoo is on the rise: In times when sustainability and climate compatibility are very important, our solid shampoo is a modern all-rounder. Natural ingredients with organic ingredients meet zero-waste and the best thing about it: everything was created by hand in Germany with a lot of love. The mild scent of coconut is not overpowering and the aloe vera used is good for skin and hair.

What can aloe vera do?

Numerous studies have been published on the effects of aloe vera, which have examined and verified the positive effects on the body and skin. That is why aloe vera continues to play a major role in the cosmetics and care industry. Users of conditioners containing aloe vera said their hair felt more supple and strengthened. In addition, sensitive scalp would not be irritated by aloe vera.

What ingredients does aloe vera contain?

According to various sources, the American lily plant Aloe Vera contains between 160 and 300 different ingredients. Important vitamins such as B1, B2, B6, B12, C and E as well as provitamin A are particularly noteworthy. The package is rounded off by important enzymes and amino acids.

Do you also have other shampoo scents?

If you want something more fruity, we recommend our Wildberry shampoo variety for the ultimate hair washing experience. Wild and self-confident in fragrance.

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